Embassy of India
Via XX Settembre, 5
00187 Rome
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00
Visa application submission 09:00-11:00
Collection normally in the same afternoon 17:30
Transit Visa EUR12
6 month Visa (Business/Tourist/Other) EUR50
1 year Visa (Business/Other) EUR80
5 year Visa (Business/Other) EUR160
Student Visa 1-5 years EUR93
Visa Application Fee US Nationals EUR25
Visa Application Fee Other Nationals EUR13
Download Basic Visa Form:
General Form (country-specific unavailable)
Download EasyFill Visa Form:
General Form (country-specific unavailable)
Further Information:
Application forms must be fully completed and signed, and presented with

1. Passport, valid for a minimum of six months. If the passport is newly issued (within 6 months from the date of visa application), the previous passport also should be shown for verification.
2. Two photographs.
3. Relevant supporting documents.
4. Non-Italy passport holders must produce certificate of residence.
5. Other National non-residents must fill a separate clearance form. Allow 10 working days for processing.
6. In the case of visas for minors on separate passports, a consent/sponsor letter from the parents should be submitted.

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