New Zealand, Republic of Samoa, Republic of Nauru, Republic of Kiribati
High Commission, New Zealand
180, Molesworth Street,
P.O. Box 4045
+64 4 473 6390
+64 4 473 6391
+64 4 499 0665
Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30
Visa application submission 09:30-13:00

Transit Visa NZD25
6 month multiple entry (Business/Tourist/Other)
1 year multiple entry (Business/ Other) NZD150
5 year multiple entry (Business/ Other) NZD300
Student Visa 1-5 years NZD170
Emergency Fee NZD90

Non New Zealand Permanent Residents must pay an additional NZD20. Processing takes 10 working days.

US Nationals are required to pay an additional NZD50 to the above fee schedule.

Download Basic Visa Form:
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Download EasyFill Visa Form:
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Further Information:
The High Commission of India, New Zealand has jurisdiction over New Zealand, Republic of Samoa, Republic of Nauru and Republic of Kiribati.

Application forms must be fully completed and signed, and presented with

1. Passport, valid for a minimum of six months
2. Two photographs.
3. Copy of flight tickets/confirmed itinerary
4. For business visa, a letter/invitation from Indian company or business dealing proof should be attached to the application.

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