Switzerland: Bern
Kirchenfeldstrasse 28
CH-3005 Bern
031 351 11 10
031 351 10 46
031 351 13 57
031 351 15 57
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 09:00-17:30
Visa application submission 09:30-12:30, no applications taken after 12:30
Visas and passports can be collected in the afternoon 16:00-17:00 Hrs, irrespective of date of application.
The visa fee should be paid through POSTAL PAYMENT SLIP only (Post A/C No. 30-4418-9). No cash payment or any other mode of payment will be accepted. The original counterfoil of the postal slip should be sent with the visa application form. The visa fee is non-refundable unless the visa is refused.

Transit Visa SFR20
6 month Visa (Business/Tourist/Other) SFR75
1 year Visa (Business/Other) SFR120
5 year Visa (Business/Other)* SFR235
Student Visa 1-5 years* SFR135
Visa Application Fee US Nationals SFR40
Visa Application Fee Other Nationals SFR25

*Always contact the embassy first before submitting long term applications.
Download Basic Visa Form:
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Further Information:
The embassy has jurisdiction over all of Switzerland, EXCEPT:


All French speaking areas, including

Residents of French speaking areas should make applications to:

Consulate General of India, Geneva
7-9 Rue de Valais
CH-1202 Geneva
Tel No. 022 9068686 or 022 9068676
Fax No. 022 906 86 96

Application forms must be fully completed and signed and presented with

1. Passport, valid for a minimum of six months
2. Two photographs.
3. Original receipt of payment
4. Photocopy of Swiss Residence Permit (except in the case Swiss nationals)
5. Self addressed and stamped return envelope

Tourist Visa applications should include:

1. Confirmation letter from Airlines or Travel Agency that the passenger is holding return tickets or confirmed booking out of India to next destination.

Business Visa applications must be accompanied with an introduction letter from the firm in Switzerland sending the person to India providing the following details:

1. Designation/Status of the applicant in the firm.
2. Nature of Business in India.
3. Name and address of the receiving company in India along with names of responsible persons in the Indian Company.
4. In case the applicant is visiting Offices of Central/State Governments, details of the same.
5. Letter of invitation from receiving company in India in case of Long Term Visas (one year and above) or if specifically required by the Embassy.

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